Friday, April 19 2024 at noon

Our World Bank Action Day happened again
In many other places around the world and in Washington, D.C.!

With colorful and strong messages


We see tremendous harm in the lack of transparency at the World Bank Group. Nobody knows with certainty how much public finance is going into dirty industries and harmful projects around the globe. The darkness surrounding public finance leads to growing inequality, unjust debt, fossil fuel expansion, human rights abuses – and it needs to be dispelled now.

International CSO Groups in front of the International Finance Corporation, IFC – the private sector arm of the World Bank.
Speech on the lack of Transparency and Accountability, for which the management is responsible.

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the fossil bank

Since the Paris Climate Agreement, the World Bank has provided at least $14.8 billion to fossil fuel projects. In 2022 alone, an additional $3.7 billion in World Bank trade finance went to oil and gas. The true number is likely much, much higher, considering there are six “Trojan Horses” through which the World Bank continues to smuggle in financing for the fossil fuel industry!

Actions in Indonesia (Photos by KRUHA)

WBAD Autumn 2023 in marrakesh

Last Autumn we were again present during the World Bank Group Annuals in Marrakesh.

who are we?

We are an international coalition of NGOs. The rising temperature of the atmosphere endangers the future of our world. Meanwhile the World Bank, despite the Paris Agreement, still supports the expansion of coal, oil and gas. Through direct and indirect measures, the World Bank creates incentives for many countries to pursue the expansion of fossil energies. Our goal is to get the World Bank and its donors out of all funding for coal, oil and gas NOW.

Protest in Manila, Philippines, by Asian Peoples’ Movement on Debt and Development
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