Toolkit - Need some inspiration?

What you can do…

  • Do a creative protest (costumes, props,…) in front of a WB financed project, WB office in your capital …
  • Organize a solemn vigil in front of the WB financed project/ WB office/public place
  • Draw or print slogans and our global hashtags on cardboard/ old bed sheet/ wallpaper and take photos with the posters in front of the WB financed project, office or at home
  • Conduct mini-interviews with passers-by and ask them about their opinion on WBprojects and their consequences. Use the quotes for tweets/ media inputs with our global hashtags
  • Produce a short video with your protest and demands and post it on social media (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook …)
  • Write a short essay or poem about your specific issues with the World Bank and post it online
  • Share recommendations for books, reports or documentaries about the World Banks actions in order to further educate people
  • Address a Tweet, Facebook or Instagram post @worldbank using one of our templates or develop your own slogan. As this is (mainly) an online protest take photos/videos of your actions and post them using the hashtags #wboutoffossils #wbactionday #wbstopdrivingfossilfuelinvestments

Media approach

Share our press release with (local) press. Make it personal/local with issues regarding WB-projects in your area.

Legal matters

When you organize a gathering, be aware of the local laws and regulations. Do not endanger participants or bystanders by acting negligently! And please stay peaceful!

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