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World Bank Action Day - October 16 2020 12pm/Noon in your Time Zone

You are invited!

What is it all about? We want to carry out a series of round-the-clock protest actions globally on October 16th at noon/12 pm in every time zone on occasion of the WBG 2020 annual meetings.

Our Message: The World Bank must get out of fossils - completely and now!

Local organizers document their actions in front of WB financed projects/the WB Office/on the street/ in your living room/… and share them globally via social and traditional media. As a result, the actions will spread around the world and bombard the WB-media accounts with our protest for an entire day.

To connect our actions we would like you to use the hashtags #WBOutofFossils and #WBactionday with every tweet/post/article/input you publish on October 16th. And you don’t want to forget to address the World Bank by using @WorldBank.

Caught your attention? Please tell us how you would like to participate. Click below to join us. We are looking forward to working with you and giving the Word Bank a hard time!

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